Children Issues

Is your whole family disrupted, due to the behaviour of one member?

Having a disruptive child in the family can affect the whole household. Whether there are sleeping issues, behavioural problems or sibling rivalry. All of these things and more can cause havoc with the day to day running of a home.

Counselling can be beneficial to the parents who may be struggling with guilt over their parental skills and wondering how to get some balance back into their lives.

In a lot of circumstances the child may be battling with a lack of confidence and self-esteem, or issues with peer pressure and school bullying. ?In many cases there is no one reason for this kind of behaviour.

Counselling can also be helpful to the child who may not actually realise the stress and anxiety they are causing, when to them, they are just behaving as normal, and don’t know what all the fuss is about.

Sleep Talk is a therapy that was founded by Joanne Golding, it can help to empower your child to achieve self-confidence and inner strength. By reprogramming the way we interpret events around us, both through conscious and unconscious techniques. The power of the spoken word, presented in an appropriate format, ensures that the child internalises and appropriates desirable and effective beliefs about their place in the world.

The beauty of the Sleep Talk process is its simplicity, both in content and delivery. With help from the book and a little training on how to deliver the suitable statements and specific wording, a positive belief system can help your child to possess a better range of coping strategies and new positive thoughts, promoting ingrained habits that instigate non-conscious life-long changes in behaviour. For more information regarding this, please go to the website

If you feel counselling might be helpful to your family, give us a call and arrange an appointment on 02 8840 4270 or 0419 433 318 to speak to a Professional Counsellor, Sharon Bonello (Dip. Prof. Couns.).


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"Families come in

all shapes and sizes.

It doesn’t matter

what your family looks

like, so long as it

provides a solid and

loving base for your

children. But a happy,

well-functioning family

doesn’t just happen –

it takes a bit of effort."