People who are suffering with depression can find it difficult to function each day. It can affect both the physical and mental health of a person. For some, depression can take over their lives and affect every member of the family. For others, it can go unnoticed and become something that is held within. That person will continue with daily life, but with a huge burden on their shoulders.

If you know someone who suffers with long periods of sadness and hopelessness, or is tearful and not their usual self, it is important they talk to a professional. Depression is a common disorder; the risk is twice as high for women, as it is for men. It can produce great suffering and disability and if left can cause other related problems. 

Men and Depression

Depression is being recognised in men more often, although a man may live in denial of this for a long time, before actually doing something constructive to help. It is a strength to ask for help and understand that you need some assistance, not a weakness. Carrying the world on your shoulders can only be done for so long and then something has to give. Why not stop a few smaller issues becoming a crisis, or causing the breakdown of a marriage and splitting the family. Get help now!!

Post Natal Depression

There is an estimation that more than half of all Mother’s can be affected by post-natal depression. Unfortunately one of the reasons Mum’s do not ask for help is; they are afraid of appearing ‘mentally ill’ or incompetent of looking after their child. Another reason is; they know something is wrong, but they are not sure what it is. ‘Baby Blues’ are to be expected for up to 2 weeks after the birth, if symptoms last further than that, intervention is necessary. Indeed in some cases Post Natal depression can occur gradually up to 2 years later.

This can be a difficult time for the husband too, not knowing whether to ask for help, or to continue coping and hope that everything will improve.This is something that can be helped with on-going support and guidance by a non-judgemental listener, who can help in re-building confidence and take away the feelings of inadequacy and resentment, which can lead to an estrangement with the newborn.

Making the decision to seek counselling is the first step in getting help. Clarity CWW Counselling can assist with seeking out the issues, whether they are known to the client or hidden. Endless suffering is unnecessary. If you would like to talk to a Professional Counsellor call 0419 433 318, or to make an appointment call 02 8840 4270.

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"Depression is more

than just a low

mood - it's a serious

illness. While we all

feel sad, moody or

low from time to time,

some people

experience these

feelings intensely,

for long periods of

time and often

without reason."


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