Family Issues

Counselling is available for family issues, which may include; young children with difficulties or teenagers and the problems that can arise, sibling rivalry and much more. It may also be helpful when there are elderly parents needing more and more attention and time is tight. Or just being able to hold everything together in the daily running of the home.

Counselling can be helpful to someone who is enduring difficult times in the home, whether it be related to children; young children, teenagers or looking after elderly relations.

Having young children at home and still having to take other children to and from school, whilst running the home, can be difficult. This, and other problems combined can cause stress and anxiety. Counselling can help put these things into perspective and help you to deal with the stresses, learning relaxation techniques can also help.

Teenagers can cause some anxiety, wanting to stay out late with friends and coping with peer pressure, a parent’s nightmare. Counselling can assist in finding a happy medium with dealing with these issues and knowing that you are not the only one.

People caring for the elderly or infirm often need support and care themselves, but refuse to ask and just keep going. This can sometimes cause ‘burnout’, and if this happens it is not helpful to anyone. As the carer suddenly will become the one who needs caring for. It is important that the carer has the opportunity to let off some steam and release some of their own issues with a non-judgemental counsellor.

Financial issues can also become a problem from time to time and this may only add to whatever else is going on in the home.

Counselling can help with coping and finding ways to assist with problems that there seems no answer for.

Exams, job hunting and making decisions can all be very stressful and talking to a non-judgemental counsellor can be beneficial in many ways.

If you feel you would like to find out more, or know someone who could benefit from counselling, please pass on these details or make an appointment by calling 02 8840 4270 or 0419433318.

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"There are many

different types of

families, none are

perfect but most

provide supportive

relationships in

which family members

look after each other.

A recent Australian

study looked at

what makes families

feel strong and it

found that families

who felt ‘strong’

shared eight qualities:.."