Relationships & Marriage

Couple counselling can assist in recognising problems and working towards a solution, working with both parties individually and together.

It is important that the couple acknowledge that there have been changes during the marriage, i.e.; children, mortgage, responsibilities and financial stress, and therefore neither party is the same person, that they were when they first met. Accepting how things are now and working together to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.

Assisting in discovering how the couple would like their marriage to be and what their goals and aspirations are for the future.

• Are they wanting the same things? • Have they travelled different paths and now have individual needs?

• Can these be fulfilled and the marriage continue?

Working through any issues that are causing a breakdown of communication and helping the couple to head in the same direction.

Encouraging the relationship to grow as a couple, whilst keeping their individuality, and still moving forward.

It is essential that we first love ourselves before we are capable of loving someone else and this can be something that requires some work individually, clearing out baggage from the past.

Changing our thoughts from a negative point of view to a positive one and recognising what is good about someone and not just focusing on the bad things.

If you would like to make an appointment please call 02 88404270 or to speak to a Professional Counsellor, Sharon Bonello (Dip. Prof. Couns.) call 0419433318. 

Clarity CWW Counselling offers a service for those in Bella Vista, Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill and surrounding suburbs.  We have Free outside parking and a friendly, confidential environment for your comfort.  


"A relationship

doesn't just

mean what

happens in

your love life!

Most of our

important relationships

with our family,

friends, and teachers

involve our feelings

but don't involve

any romance."

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