"Talking to a Counsellor with life experience and knowledge of everyday issues can be comforting when you are in a very vulnerable place.
We are here to help!

Sharon Bonello has been counselling since 2005 and has become a trusted and caring Counsellor in the area - respected for her experience and dedication in helping people who are going through difficult times.

The highest compliment being referrals from her clients, who are happy to refer their family, friends and peers for assistance  in times of trouble.  Along with fellow Counsellors, GP's and other Health Care Professionals across the board.

It is important to feel comfortable when sharing your innermost thoughts and experiences with someone and Sharon is that person - a Professional Counsellor with compassion, empathy and understanding, providing a safe environment.

Sharon does a lot of EAP work for companies that allow their staff access to Counselling facilities.

You can give her a call to see if she is the one for you.


Ongoing training and Supervision allows Sharon to continue being 'the best she can be", for her clients.

Sharon is a Graduate Member of A.I.P.C.A. and A.C.A.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.